Jamie Charlton


Former Rep

This Rep has been part of the program from 24 August 2015 to 01 November 2018

Nothing really to put here... I enjoy working on tech.. not really sure what else... I work on Firefox OS in QA and rather enjoy it. I am up to helping any one out if I can and know how to... if i dont im more than happy to learn something new to help them out, i see it as the most valuable thing in the world, knowledge. If you ever need help with anything feel free to email me or ping me in irc!

Past Events
Event Date Role
Firefox OS Test Day 16 Oct 2015 Organizer

Location   Wassaic - New York - United States

Timezone   America/New_York

Gender  Male

IRC nickname  jamie_

IRC channels  #nightly, #fxosqa, #qa, #introduction