Cvrcek Pavel

Pavel Cvrček


Former Rep

This Rep has been part of the program from 01 June 2011 to 30 November 2015

I am an active longtime contributor to the Mozilla project (>10 years). I localize Mozilla web applications and support stuff into czech language (cs), I'm author of MozBackup and I created some add-ons for Firefox, Thunderbird and SeaMonkey.

Past Events
Event Date Role
OpenAlt 2014 01 Nov 2014 Mozilla's presence organizer
LinuxAlt 2013 02 Nov 2013 Mozilla's presence organizer
LinuxAlt 2012 03 Nov 2012 Mozilla's presence organizer

Location   Pilsen - Pilsen - Czech Republic

Gender  Male

Twitter handle   @JasnaPaka

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IRC nickname  JasnaPaka

IRC channels  #l10n,#sumo

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