Juan Eladio Sanchez Rosas


Former Rep

This Rep has been part of the program from 14 June 2011 to 01 November 2018

I'm member of the Peruvian community since 2010 and member of Mozilla Hispano since 2011. I help to spread Mozilla's values organizing and participating in events, helping people with troubles in Firefox and recently thinking how to reach new publics online and offline. I'm a computer science engineer and I work with open source technologies and web development tools.

Past Events
Event Date Role
MozMeetup Experiencias en Desarrollo Web 08 Sep 2016 Organizer
MozMeetup Desarrollo web Backend 16 Jul 2016 Organizer
Taller 101: Publicando mi proyecto web en Github 25 Jun 2016 Organizer
MozMeetup Experiencias en la nube 29 Apr 2016 Organizer
Taller 101: Diseño de apps y webs móviles 02 Apr 2016 Organizer
MozMeetup Edición AntiStartup 07 Nov 2015 Organizer
MozMeetup Developer Edition 03 Oct 2015 Alumni attendee
CONEISC 2015 17 Aug 2015 Mozilla's presence organizer
Mozilla L10n/QA Hackathon in LATAM 11 Jul 2015 Alumni attendee
ENEISOFT 2014 10 Oct 2014 Mozilla's presence organizer

Location   Lima - Lima - Peru

Timezone   America/Lima

Gender  Male

Twitter handle   @juaneladio

Facebook profile  https://www.facebook.com/juaneladio

LinkedIn profile  http://pe.linkedin.com/in/juaneladio

IRC nickname  juaneladio

IRC channels  mozilla-hispano, mozillaperu