San Emmanuel James

San Emmanuel James


Former Rep

This Rep has been part of the program from 30 November 2011 to 02 June 2017

I'm currently pursuing my masters in Data Communication and Software Engineering. I have a strong passion for FOSS and a keen interest in software localization, programing and operating systems, especially Linux. I lead the Mozilla Community in Uganda and am in charge of the Localization efforts that have seen Mozilla Firefox in Acholi and Luganda become official builds. We have a goal of creating a fully localized desktop. I'm also a systems analyst and programmer at the Infectious Diseases Research Collaboraion ( and the Director of Avant Garde Solutions, IT consult(

Office Hours

So unlike what these may seem to be, these are the hours that I reserve for physical interactions around Mozilla stuff, and during these hours I will be available on email, Skype, Hangouts etc...

Monday - Wednesday - Friday: 14:00 UTC > 16:00 UTC

While these are my "office hours" you can contact me any time you see me online, or via email and I will get back to you as soon as possible. These hours are just where you're almost certain to get a hold of me :)

Past Events
Event Date Role
Firefox Nightly Workshop in Paris 06 May 2017 Alumni attendee
Mozilla Uganda L10n Sprint 01 Apr 2017 Organizer
Mozilla Uganda Community Meet-Up 25 Mar 2017 Alumni attendee
ReMo Call 16-03-17 16 Mar 2017 Alumni attendee
Paris l10n hackathon 2016 04 Nov 2016 Alumni attendee
Mozilla Nigeria L10n and Community Meet-up 09 Aug 2016 Organizer
MozCafe Kampala 19 Sep 2015 Alumni attendee
Mozilla Festival East Africa (MEA15) 17 Jul 2015 Organizer
ReMo Leadership Meetup 2015 14 Mar 2015 Alumni attendee
Hive Pop Up 07 Feb 2015 Alumni attendee