Majken Connor


Currently ReMo Council member for North America and organizing the local community in Toronto and across Canada. Mostly involved with support and engagement efforts in the past. I'm most passionate about helping other people who don't code feel just as big a part of the Mozilla community as anyone else.

Also the Rep formerly known as Lucy

Office Hours: I can usually be found on IRC weekdays between 12pm and 3pm Eastern Time. Please always feel free to email me and if you like request to schedule a real time meeting.

Past Events
Event Date Role
MCWS Meetup 2018 Toronto 25 Jan 2018 Organizer
Mozilla All Hands Austin 2017 11 Dec 2017 Rep attendee
Mozilla All Hands San Francisco 2017 26 Jun 2017 Rep attendee
Community Ops meet-up 19 Dec 2015 Organizer
Orlando Workweek 2015 07 Dec 2015 Rep attendee
Cafe FoxYeah! 18 Jun 2015 Organizer
Mozilla Coincidental Workweek 02 Dec 2014 Organizer
Mozilla Reps Camp 2014 12 Sep 2014 Rep attendee
OSCON 2014 20 Jul 2014 Rep attendee
Community Leadership Summit 18 Jul 2014 Rep attendee
Majken is a Reps Mentor

Location   Toronto - ON - Canada

Gender  Female

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Mentor   Majken Connor

Twitter handle   @majken

IRC nickname  Kensie

IRC channels  #remo