Report by Leo McArdle on 30 Sep 2013


Month recap

Date of activity

Contribution location

Worcester, West Midlands, United Kingdom

Description of activity

The month started with the absolutely amazing Mozilla Summit where I met a few contributors for the first time in person (such as Jan and Tad), and caught up with old friends I've met before.

Aside from having a jolly good social time, I attended a number of sessions on topics ranging from Mozilla's public policy work to the Web we want. More than anything the Summit invigorated me to properly get back involved with Mozilla, after a bit of a summer of rest.

Being rather busy at school between the Summit and Festival I didn't get anything Mozilla-related done.

However, like the Summit, the Festival was a very good opportunity to catch up with Mozillians I didn't meet in Brussels, and meet others I'd only ever 'met' on the Internet before.

More than than, I went to the Festival with the aim of {building|growing|formalising} the UK community. After having a host of discussions with a swathe of people I left with a very different idea of the UK community than I went there with.

The Festival was also very good for networking with a huge number of very interesting people from the UK and beyond, such as members of the FSFE community and various educators.