Report by Larissa Shapiro on 28 Feb 2015


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San Francisco, California, United States

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Open Source Comes to Campus Events Page

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Was a mentor and speaker at Open SOurce Comes to Campus at City College of San Francisco. I talked about Mozilla to the 50 students assembled and helped them learn basic introductory open source skills including IRC, BugTracking, and Git, and then they broke into smaller groups by project interest and I had 13 very enthusiastic participants in an overview of Mozilla followed by a deep dive into a specific QA project, testing add-ons in Electrolysis. A couple of them also were interested in WebDev, L10N, and SuMo, and I helped them get started, too. A very successful day. All 13 provided contact information, 12 add ons were fully tested, and other projects have been started already. Mozilla is invited to the City College Coders Club any time.