Mariot Tsitoara


I am a Rep and a Tech Speaker from Madagascar. I fell in love with Mozilla in 2013 and have been a contributor since! I began by being a translator, then I became an activist and a mobilizer. I am a Full Stack Developer who has a passion for the Web. The rumors say that I can plug in an USB drive in one try! I love reading Sci-Fi books and saving Hyrule!

Past Events
Event Date Role
Madagascar September MozCafé 07 Oct 2017 Organizer
Firefox Quantum Sprint - Fianarantsoa 07 Oct 2017 Organizer
Open Days 2016 26 Nov 2016 Mozilla's presence organizer
Mozilla Madagascar September MozCafe 03 Sep 2016 Organizer
Mahajanga MozTalk 22 Apr 2016 Organizer
Leadership Summit Singapore 2016 23 Jan 2016 Rep attendee
Mozilla Madagascar November MozCoffee 07 Nov 2015 Organizer
Orange Klif App Challenge 01 Oct 2015 Mozilla's presence organizer
Mozilla Madagascar MozCoffee 26 Sep 2015 Organizer
Firefox OS Africa Workshop - Paris 31 Jul 2015 Rep attendee
Mariot is a Reps Resources member

Location   Antananarivo - Analamanga - Madagascar

Timezone   Indian/Antananarivo

Gender  Male

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Mentor   Szmozsanszky Istvan

IRC nickname  link

IRC channels  #app-reviewers, #remo, #mozfr, #firefoxosafrica

Mobilizing Expertise   Marketing, Rust, WebVR

Mobilizing Learning Interests   Advocacy, Rust, WebVR