Mrinal Jain

मृणाल जैन


Professionally a Front-End developer. Passionate about Open Source and Web Technologies. Mozilla! I love to Volunteer , Organize and/or Speak at the events. Best source to find or contact me is on Facebook ;) , sharing my knowledge and experience on web design & development.

What I do ? - Creating events to get all other Mozillian together. - Spreading to the world about developer tools , Firefox , WebFwd & Firefox OS - Speaking at events and trying to connect both communities and getting more people involved in Mozilla Project.

I love to speak about Developer tools, Firefox OS, and community evangelism.

Past Events
Event Date Role
Wittyhacks 2.0 11 Jan 2019 Organizer
Version β 26 Oct 2018 Organizer
Hack Indore 28 Sep 2018 Mozilla's presence organizer
Contribution Pathways Chandigarh 21 May 2018 Organizer
Sagethon - VR Hackathon 06 Apr 2018 Organizer
Aayaam - WebVR Hackathon 10 Mar 2018 Mozilla's presence organizer
# VR 22 Feb 2018 Mozilla's presence organizer
WebVR India Monthly Call February 2018 18 Feb 2018 Rep attendee
MozCafe Indore Dec 2017 03 Dec 2017 Rep attendee
GATEWAYS 2017 06 Sep 2017 Mozilla's presence organizer