Michal Stanke


I became interested in Mozilla as a Firefox user in 2009, when I was looking for some help on the support forum and realized, there are passionate people behind. I've got involved gradually in Instrantbird localization and of course on the local support forum later too.

Currently I am Czech l10n and Mozilla.cz leader, which is actually the reason I decided to join Reps - to get mentored and help onboarding more contributors.

Past Events
Event Date Role
Jobs Dev 2018 28 Apr 2018 Mozilla's presence organizer
PyCon SK 2018 09 Mar 2018 Mozilla's presence organizer
DevConf.cz 2018 26 Jan 2018 Mozilla's presence organizer
OpenAlt 2017 04 Nov 2017 Mozilla's presence organizer
Brněnský MozBeer #2 25 Oct 2017 Organizer
LinuxDays 2017 07 Oct 2017 Mozilla's presence organizer
Berlin L10n workshop 2017 23 Sep 2017 Organizer
MozBeer Prague #4 25 Aug 2017 Organizer
MozBeer Prague #3 29 Jun 2017 Organizer
Brněnský MozBeer #1 23 Jun 2017 Organizer

Location   Prague - Czech Republic - Czech Republic

Timezone   Europe/Prague

Gender  Male

Personal email   m...@mozilla.cz

Mozilla Login Identity   m...@mozilla.cz

Mozillians Profile  https://mozillians.org/u/mstanke/

Mentor   Michael Kohler

IRC nickname  MikkCZ / mstanke

Feed for Reps Planet  https://michal.stanke.cz/feed.xml