Moustapha NIANG



Former Rep

This Rep has been part of the program from 05 December 2011 to 01 November 2018

My name is Mouhammadou Moustapha NIANG, it's too long that is why i prefered my nickname petiy; and it's very significant!!! Supporter of free Software, I conducted my merry way to Mozilla... It's awesome and I hope that i'll be relevant for projects of the Mozilla Foundation in my community in Senegal........

Past Events
Event Date Role
Mozilla Africa Reps Meetup 16 May 2015 Alumni attendee
Maker Party Dakar 2014 30 Aug 2014 Alumni attendee
AFRICAN LANGUAGES LOCALIZATION WORKSHOP - Dakar (Senegal) 03 Mar 2014 Alumni attendee
MozSN - Meetup Rentree 07 Dec 2013 Organizer
Mozilla Summit 2013 04 Oct 2013 Alumni attendee
Software Freedom Day 2013 21 Sep 2013 Mozilla's presence organizer
IAM Meetup 20 Jul 2013 Alumni attendee
French-speaking community meetup 21 Jun 2013 Alumni attendee
MozillaSN Saint-Louis Meetup 15 Jun 2013 Alumni attendee
Meetup ISM 14 Jun 2013 Alumni attendee

Twitter handle   @mouhania

IRC nickname  petiy

IRC channels  #mozilla-sn ; #mozillatunisia ; #mozilla-algeria ; #frenchmoz ; #mozfr

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