Hugo Acosta



Bio: Member of Bolivia's community and member of the Mozilla Reps, Reps Mentor and Mozilla Hispano. I participate in Mozilla Summit 2010 and 2013. Spreading Firefox since 2007 and collaborating with Mozilla community since 2009, mainly in l10n, localization es-BO, Guaraní, Aimara and Quechua from Bolivia, spreading and organizing Mozilla events in Bolivia. I'm part of the Mozilla Nativo Community and I working and coding some programs in Rust Language, I'm creating a Rust Group in Bolivia, also i'm working with the Firefox Students project.

Office Hours: I can usually be found on IRC weekdays between 9:00am and 12:00pm (local time). My time zone is GTM -4. See you there.

Past Events
Event Date Role
WebExtension Workshop 08 Jul 2017 Organizer
Security analysis on the network, "Ransomware" Case 25 May 2017 Rep attendee
Dive into Rust! + FLISOL 22 Apr 2017 Organizer
Firefox Birthday Celebration 18 Nov 2016 Mozilla's presence organizer
Forum "Security and privacy on the Internet" 27 Oct 2016 Rep attendee
ReMo Call 15-09-16 15 Sep 2016 Rep attendee
Servo and Rust 08 Sep 2016 Mozilla's presence organizer
ReMo Call 25-08-16 25 Aug 2016 Rep attendee
L10n:Meetings/2016 Buenos Aires hackathon 21 May 2016 Organizer
Moz Security 27 Mar 2016 Organizer
Hugo is a Reps Mentor

Location   Santa Cruz de la Sierra - Santa Cruz - Bolivia

Timezone   America/La_Paz

Gender  Male

Twitter handle   @nex23

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IRC nickname  HugoNex

IRC channels  #remo #fxosqa

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