Yonggang Zhang



I am an ordinary father, Firefox helped me become a super dad, I want more friends to share the joy, to help more needy friend. Firefox in Xinjiang, for my child to read it out loud! I started a website, the world's only a voice-enabled Firefox theme of children's English website, ainiabc.com) Me developed a dual-language browser based on Firefox for the local students to help them learn English and Chinese. Downloads exceeded a hundred thousand times.I helped a lot of the children happy to learn foreign languages。All this because there firefox This year, I am ready to organize six schools and even more school children to learn webmaker I hope that through our learning, improve their self-learning ability, innovation, and teamwork, and I hope to let more Chinese people know mozilla, firefox know

Past Events
Event Date Role
互联网基础讲座一 13 Jun 2018 Organizer
互联网基础讲座一 06 Jun 2018 Organizer
互联网基础讲座一 30 May 2018 Organizer
互联网基础讲座一 23 May 2018 Organizer
互联网基础讲座一 16 May 2018 Organizer
互联网基础讲座一 11 May 2018 Organizer
互联网基础讲座一 09 May 2018 Organizer
互联网基础讲座一 25 Apr 2018 Organizer
互联网基础讲座一 18 Apr 2018 Organizer
互联网基础讲座一 11 Apr 2018 Organizer

Location   Urumqi - XingJiang - China

Timezone   Asia/Shanghai

Gender  Male

Twitter handle   @nizibaba1

Facebook profile  https://www.facebook.com/tom.zhang.1614

Jabber ID  405242583@qq.com

IRC nickname  妮子爸爸

Personal Site  http://www.ainiabc.com/

Feed for Reps Planet  http://firefoxxj.blog.163.com/