Percy Cabello


Former Rep

This Rep has been part of the program from 01 June 2011 to 23 November 2013

Editor of Mozilla Links blog. Founder of Mozilla Perú, and member of Mozilla Hispano. As member of the local Peruvian community, have organized and given talks on several Mozilla, Firefox, and open Web related events, including MAOW Lima 2010.

Past Events
Event Date Role
CONEISC 2013 12 Aug 2013 Alumni attendee
Flisol Perú - Sede Lima Norte 27 Apr 2013 Alumni attendee
Mozilla Hispano Work Week 2013 28 Mar 2013 Alumni attendee
Daybreak: a local campaign for Firefox in Peru and Latin America 23 Mar 2013 Alumni attendee
Mozilla Campus Fest 17 Nov 2012 Alumni attendee

Location   Lima - Lima - Peru

Gender  Male

Twitter handle   @pcabellor

Facebook profile

IRC nickname  percy

IRC channels  mozillape, mozilla-hispano

Interested in   Mozilla Reps