Prashish Rajbhandari

प्राशिष राजभण्डारी


Former Rep

This Rep has been part of the program from 13 July 2013 to 02 December 2014

I am passionate about the web. I build and hack stuffs.

Past Events
Event Date Role
Mozilla Coincidental Workweek 02 Dec 2014 Alumni attendee
The Mozilla Awareness Drive 01 Aug 2014 Mozilla's presence organizer
North America Reps Meetup - Early 2014 05 Apr 2014 Alumni attendee
Open Web Platform Overview 04 Dec 2013 Mozilla's presence organizer
Mozilla Festival 2013 25 Oct 2013 Alumni attendee
Mozilla Nepal Orientation at ACME College 01 Aug 2013 Organizer
Webmaker Np July 2013 30 Jul 2013 Alumni attendee
FSA Meet Nepal, I 25 Jul 2013 Alumni attendee
MozCafe Nepal July 2013 17 Jul 2013 Alumni attendee
Firefox OS App Days, Nepal 01 Jun 2013 Alumni attendee

Location   Cincinnati - Ohio - United States

Gender  Male

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IRC nickname  magnum

IRC channels  moznet, freenode