Prathamesh Chavan

प्रथमेश चव्हाण


I am a Computer Engineer and an Open Source enthusiast. I'm from Pune, India. I am currently working as an Engineer at Red Hat.

I have been contributing in various Mozilla projects since 2014 and became a Mozilla Representative in 2015. I have contributed in areas like Support Mozilla, Localization, Mozilla Location Service, User Research, Community building and management, Webmaker and Web Literacy, Firefox OS and Mozilla QA.

I am currently a Reps Coach, a Mozilla Reps Resource and a member of Mozilla India. Apart from this, I am the Mozilla India Local Swag Manager, Regional Coordinator for Mozilla Clubs and a WebVR enthusiast.


Past Events
Event Date Role
Hactoberfest at Mangalore 13 Oct 2018 Mozilla's presence organizer
Minds+Machines: Hack & Play with IoT 06 Oct 2018 Organizer
Council Elections Autumn 2018 - Town Hall 2 04 Oct 2018 Rep attendee
Council Elections Autumn 2018 - Town Hall 1 02 Oct 2018 Rep attendee
Reps Council Elections Fall 2018 - Nominees 23 Sep 2018 Rep attendee
MozCafe Pune - Sept 2018 08 Sep 2018 Organizer
Mozilla l10n Hindi Marathi & Gujarati Meetup 2018 01 Sep 2018 Rep attendee
Devconf 2018 04 Aug 2018 Rep attendee
Reps Council Weekly Meeting 2018-07-03 03 Jul 2018 Rep attendee
Firefox Support Sprint Pune 09 Jun 2018 Organizer