Ranjith Raj

రంజిత్ రాజ్ | रणजीत राज


Free Software Enthusiast and Open Knowledge advocate.

Journey with Mozilla in teenage started from advocating Mozilla browser and interesting addons. Came to know about Mozilla movement in when I'm in college. Organised a master training camp(training the trainers) in IIIT Hyderabad December, 2015 and taught how to build FIrefox OS apps http://swecha.org/content/advanced-workshop-developing-mozilla-firefox-os-apps.

In 2016, actively campaigned for Open Web by Mozilla Advocacy

In 2017, Started contributing to localization projects of Mozilla into Telugu, became translator and organised localisation sprints. Coordinating to organise Telugu l10n event in near future.

Recently joined WebVR community, organised a session on WebVR+Drupal in IIIT Hyderabad. working to bring Drupal India & Mozilla India communities with WebVR+Drupal.

Following recent improvements in Open Design, working on policy and licencing terms of it.

Upcoming Events
Event Date Role
Rust for Beginners - March 2018 31 Mar 2018 Organizer
Embedded Rust: Microcontroller programming with Rust 31 Mar 2018 Organizer
Celebrating 20 Years of Mozilla at Hyderabad 31 Mar 2018 Organizer
Firefox Quantum Extensions Challenge - Hyderabad 01 Apr 2018 Organizer
Great Indian Developer Summit 2018 24 Apr 2018 Mozilla's presence organizer
Past Events
Event Date Role
Mozilla Stall at ReactFoo Hyderabad 17 Mar 2018 Mozilla's presence organizer
MozActivate Hackathon - March 2018 11 Mar 2018 Organizer
Community Meeting on Data Protection and Privacy 10 Mar 2018 Organizer
Various Dimensions of Aadhaar - A Panel Discussion 04 Mar 2018 Mozilla's presence organizer
Rust for undergrads at NITK-Surathkal 24 Feb 2018 Organizer
MozCoffee for WoMoz - Hyderabad 17 Feb 2018 Organizer
Mozilla Mixed Reality Meetup - Hyderabad 11 Feb 2018 Organizer
RUSTATHON2K18 10 Feb 2018 Organizer
Firefox Add-ons Workshop at HITAM College 27 Jan 2018 Organizer
Talks And Discussions On The Current State of Aadhaar 14 Jan 2018 Organizer