Srijib Roy

শ্রীজীব রায়


I am an open source geek and enthusiast, loves to contribute to the open source projects and I am fighting for the Open web and Net Neutrality. Loves to travel and Make friends. Photography is one of my passion.

Past Events
Event Date Role
Build your future with Mozilla (MAKAUT/WBUT Campus) 07 Nov 2015 Rep attendee
Community Activation 17 Oct 2015 Mozilla's presence organizer
MozTour at NITDGP 03 Oct 2015 Rep attendee
Community Meetup Kolkata 29 Aug 2015 Rep attendee
SUMO Session in Kolkata 09 Aug 2015 Rep attendee
Mozilla Science Lab Global Sprint 2015 | Kolkata 04 Jun 2015 Rep attendee
MozSetup - MSIT 25 Apr 2015 Rep attendee