Ruben Guerra Marin



Former Rep

This Rep has been part of the program from 19 August 2013 to 02 June 2017

Hi! I am a mexican guy but now I live in the Netherlands doing my masters. I started using Linux when I began university. Fedora 9 was my very firsts Linux Distro. I got captivated by all the FLOSS philosophy, but most of all by the community surrounding it all over the world. I studied a Bachelor in Electronic Cybernetics Engineering and now I am studying a Master of Science in Embedded Systems. I love everything related to robotics, electronics and computers (hardware and software). I also love traveling around the world.

Past Events
Event Date Role
FOSDEM 2017 04 Feb 2017 Alumni attendee
T-DOSE 28 Nov 2015 Alumni attendee
MozCoffee Eindhoven 17 Oct 2015 Organizer
Software Freedom Day Tijuana 2015 19 Sep 2015 Mozilla's presence organizer
Dutch community meetup and mozcafee 19 Apr 2015 Alumni attendee
FOSDEM 2015 31 Jan 2015 Alumni attendee
T-DOSE 25 Oct 2014 Alumni attendee
HITBSecConf/Haxpo 2014 28 May 2014 Alumni attendee
Dutch community meetup and mozcafee 19 Apr 2014 Alumni attendee
FOSDEM 2014 01 Feb 2014 Alumni attendee