Ruwan Ranganath

රුවන් රංගනාත්


Mozilla Resource Rep, Mozilla Newsletter Team member Mozilla Campus Club Program Regional Coordinator and Member of Campus Advisory Committee, Community Lead & Mozilla Rep

DevOps Engineer at WSO2.Telco, FOSS Advocate and Evangelist,

Free Thinker, FOSS & Community Building Speaker, OWASP Student Chapter Leader and InfoSec Enthusiast,

After all, A Mozillian !

Past Events
Event Date Role
Hacktoberfest Sri Lanka with Github & Mozilla LK 30 Oct 2018 Organizer
Dark Funnel in Sri Lanka 07 Oct 2018 Organizer
REACT NATIVE: MORE THAN A HYPE - IIT 03 Oct 2018 Mozilla's presence organizer
Software Freedom Day 2018 - Sri Lanka 22 Sep 2018 Mozilla's presence organizer
Say Hello to FOSS with mozilla - Kandy 17 Aug 2018 Rep attendee
Serverless Computing in 2018 15 Aug 2018 Organizer
Know Your Privacy and GDPR 04 Jul 2018 Organizer
Attend as Speaker to StackOverFlow Meetup Sri Lanka - Kickoff 25 Jun 2018 Mozilla's presence organizer
CodeZilla - Open Source Hackathon by UWU 27 May 2018 Organizer
Mozilla at Open university of Sri Lanka 15 May 2018 Organizer
Ruwan is a Reps Resources member and a Newsletter Team member

Location   Colombo - Western - Sri Lanka

Timezone   Asia/Colombo

Gender  Male

IRC nickname  Ranganath

IRC channels  #reps

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