Sammy Fung



Asia Tech Conference Organiser and Tech Community Builder.


In Mozilla community, I organises events and community since Firefox 3 Launch Party in 2008.

Open Source

In Open Source community, I establish and organises Hong Kong Open Source Conference, PyCon Hong Kong in local, and helps and participates at events in Asia, eg. GNOME Asia Summit, COSCUP.


At work, I am a IT management and open source developer.

Past Events
Event Date Role
ReMo Call 29-08-19 29 Aug 2019 Rep attendee
COSCUP 2019 17 Aug 2019 Rep attendee
Hong Kong Open Source Conference 2019 14 Jun 2019 Mozilla's presence organizer
ReMo Call 25-04-19 25 Apr 2019 Rep attendee
ReMo Call 29-03-19 29 Mar 2019 Rep attendee
ReMo Call 21-03-19 21 Mar 2019 Rep attendee
ReMo Call 14-03-19 14 Mar 2019 Rep attendee
Mozilla Common Voice Meetup 09 Mar 2019 Organizer
ReMo Call 07-03-19 07 Mar 2019 Rep attendee
ReMo Call 21-02-19 21 Feb 2019 Rep attendee