Santosh Viswanatham

సంతోష్ విశ్వనాథం


About Me

Firefox OS Application developer,Webmaker Supermentor and open source enthusiast.Community trainer for Firefox OS Launch in India.Love the mission of Open web and volunteering to take Mozilla's mission forward.Community builder and Speaker.Passionate about learning, Teaching and Evangelising.

Past Events
Event Date Role
A-Frame Hack Night India 22 Apr 2017 Rep attendee
FOSSASIA 2017 17 Mar 2017 Rep attendee
MozCafe 26 Feb 2017 Rep attendee
Privacy Month Campaign 2017 01 Jan 2017 Rep attendee
Mozilla India Meet-Up 2016 26 Aug 2016 Rep attendee
Mozilla All Hands London 2016 13 Jun 2016 Rep attendee
Mozilla DevCon, Kashmir 2016 19 Apr 2016 Rep attendee
SUMO India Community MeetUp 2016 26 Mar 2016 Rep attendee
Hackathon on Internet of Things 18 Mar 2016 Rep attendee
FOSSASIA 2016 18 Mar 2016 Rep attendee
Featured Rep for January 2015 .

Location   Hyderabad - Telangana - India

Timezone   Asia/Kolkata

Gender  Male

IRC nickname  santosh

IRC channels  #india,#js,#developers,#fxos,,#firefoxstudents,