Santiago Hollmann



Former Rep

This Rep has been part of the program from 14 June 2011 to 24 December 2013

I've been part of this huge family for many years and I have done many things that go from localization and social media to help building communities and being a public speaker. But what I'm really passionate about is to be a fire-starter, to incentivize people to give the best to build and improve their communities, to make them feel they can do whatever they can imagine and to be a facilitator to help them to achieve it.

Activity Date
Month planning 01 Oct 2013
Recruitment effort 30 Sep 2013
Month recap 30 Sep 2013
Month recap 31 Aug 2013
Month recap 31 Jul 2013
Month planning 01 Jul 2013
Month recap 30 Jun 2013
Month planning 01 Jun 2013
Month recap 31 May 2013
Month planning 01 May 2013

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Past Events
Event Date Role
II Encuentro de Informática Aplicada a la Traducción 10 Nov 2012 Mozilla's presence organizer
Jornadas FICCTE 16 Oct 2012 Mozilla's presence organizer
Mozilla en la Universidad 12 Oct 2012 Organizer

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Mentor   Francisco Picolini

Twitter handle   @santihollmann

IRC nickname  nuno

IRC channels  #b2g, #mozillians, #marketing, #marketing-collective, #mozilla-hispano