Syed Omar Faruk Towaha



As A Mozilla Reps:

  • Love arranging/organizing events
  • Enjoy the tech competitions
  • Appreciate innovations
  • Relish creating leadership
  • Revel in changing old odds.

As A Mozillian:

  • Inspire people to contribute open source
  • Contribute as much time as I can.
  • Play with codes on github
  • Teach kids and junior students using Mozilla producs and services
  • Try to help any Mozillians

As A Physics Geek:

  • Enjoy mathematical physics
  • Fancy making projects
  • Take pleasure in theoretical physics
  • Idolise pretending my innovations

As A Computer Geek:

  • Enjoy coding
  • Design algorithms
  • Appreciate fast learning
  • Love teaching others
  • Adore working for projects
  • Cherish writing books/blogs/articles

As A Music Freak:

  • Enjoy playing keyboards, bass and lead guitars.
  • Love playing with my voice :P
  • Disturb others with noise :D
  • Teach Staff Notations.

As An Organizer:

  • I spread astronomy
  • I train people about making iOS/Android/Lumia/FF apps
  • Teach astronomy
  • Arrange programs/events with NASA, UN etc.
  • Motivate people to be as great minded as the universe

Time to Contact:

I'm always available via email and Twitter.

You can reach me via phone from 19.00BST - 21.00BST. Don't feel shy to drop an SMS anytime.

Syed Omar is a Reps Resources member

Location   Sylhet - Sylhet - Bangladesh

Timezone   Asia/Dhaka

Gender  Male

Twitter handle   @SOFTowaha

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Matrix nickname  SOFTowaha

Matrix channels  #marketplace, #FirefoxOS, #rust, #remo, #openwebapps

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Mobilizing Expertise   Rust, Testing, WebVR

Mobilizing Learning Interests   Advocacy, Marketing, Rust