David Ross


David is originally from Australia, now living in London, and building an Open Source fitness platform. With a strong history in customer service, flagship retail management, staff training, and self-driven tech expertise. Reliant on open source projects (an everyday Linux user for almost a decade) David firmly recognises the importance of giving back to them. Taking in many aspects of community building, diversity, event management, supporting workshops, web technologies, documentation, and most recently developing knowledge in Rust. As recognition of his commitment to Open Source and the Mozilla project, David was selected as part of Mozilla's Network 50. This is a global network of people who help keep the internet open and accessible to all. He's keen on becoming an improved public speaker and breaking barriers.

Upcoming Events
Event Date Role
London MozCoffee - March 31 Mar 2018 Organizer
London MozCoffee - Special onboarding event 21 Apr 2018 Organizer
London MozCoffee - May 26 May 2018 Organizer
Mozilla UK Community Picnic 02 Jun 2018 Organizer
London MozCoffee - June 30 Jun 2018 Organizer
Past Events
Event Date Role
'WebVR Camp' with 'Web XR London' Meetup 27 Jul 2017 Mozilla's presence organizer

Location   Westminster - London - United Kingdom

Timezone   Europe/London

Gender  Male

Personal email   s...@gmail.com

Mozilla Login Identity   s...@gmail.com

Mozillians Profile  https://mozillians.org/en-US/u/sw1ayfe/

Wiki Profile  https://wiki.mozilla.org/User:Sw1ayfe

Mentor   Michael Kohler

Twitter handle   @sw1ayfe

LinkedIn profile  https://linkedin.com/in/manwiththeplan

IRC nickname  sw1ayfe

IRC channels  #uk #london #mozfest #privacy #london-privacy-lab #security #nightly #mdn #linux #diversity