Jean Yves Perrier

Jean-Yves Perrier


Former Rep

This Rep has been part of the program from 01 June 2011 to 24 March 2014

Swiss, speaking French and fairly well German and English, I'm a long time contributors. After having haunted support forums during years, my main Mozilla activity now is to write developer documentation for the Mozilla Developer Network.

Past Events
Event Date Role
Key signing party at the London Office 24 Mar 2014 Organizer
MDN Work Week-end 07 Mar 2014 Alumni attendee
MDN Apero in Paris 06 Mar 2014 Alumni attendee

Location   Geneva - Switzerland - Switzerland

Gender  Male

Twitter handle   @teoli2003

IRC nickname  teoli

IRC channels  #frenchmoz #devrel #devmo

Interested in   Developer Documentation