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Hello everyone!

I'm Arturo Martinez and I'm a candidate for the Mozilla Reps Council, I have been tasked to answer a few questions by the current Council and make a video, also if you have any question, feel free to write them down here and I will reply them all.

TL;DR check the video for lulz


What are the top three issues that you would want the Council to address were you to join the Council?

First I would like the Council to take less time swimming in pools of bugs awaiting for reviews and spend more time discussing the proposals made by the Mentors during the past RemoCamp, I don't want to say that this isn't being done already at this moment, but I would like the Council to focus more on this as their main activity.

Second, in order to have that time shift between bugs and tackling pending tasks, I would like to discuss with the other Council members how can we make the budget approval process less bureaucratic and faster, there are proposals made at the RemoCamp were mentors are given a more important role rather than just reviewing to also approving budgets and even helping with the accounting (checking receipts) this for budgets for less than USD$500, the Council would keep reviewing bugs over that amount.

Third, the program has been evolving in the past few years, but if something haven't changed yet is the way to process reimbursements, while Paypal may work well in EEUU and Europe, for the rest of the world is not so friendly, I want to explore for another options to send reimbursements for the ReMos even those located in the most remote locations.

What is in your view the Mozilla Reps program's biggest strength and weakness?

Our biggest strength are our numbers, we are more than 400+ voices all over the world working for a common goal, yet our biggest weakness is that due that great number of people its difficult to organize ourselves even for simple tasks, an example is to look at our mailing list, while still we have a list-policy to filter noise, its very difficult to keep track of what everyone is doing at the same time; Mark Surman wrote in his blog "Being human is messy. That is Mozilla." so in order to keep scaling effectively as a volunteer organization without driving us crazy we have to maintain a Minimum Viable Bureaucracy, we need to keep improving our communication and organization tools, it has to be done in a cautious way, continuously monitoring the health of our organization. Mozilla is messy, so Mozilla Reps are messy too!

Identify something that is currently not working well in the Mozilla Reps program and which you think could be easily to fixed?

I was going to say that the report system was kinda broken, but someone already fixed that bug (kudos webdev team!). Yet there are things that are not broken but they could be improved, like the budget SOP and the reimbursement processor, also I think that the current ReMo Application system could be improved, I  still see people that don't fully understand what is the Reps program, or people that think that they have to be a Rep in order to volunteer and collaborate with Mozilla, so I would work with the Council to improve this vital part of our program, in order to attract great applicants that may have misunderstood the goals of the Reps program and find ways for those that are not ready yet to get involved in other programs like FSA and their local communities.

What past achievement as a Rep or Mentor are you most proud of?

As a Rep I'm very proud of my collaboration in the Firefox OS launch on Venezuela and in the rest of the world and helping other launch teams too, as a Mentor I'm really proud of my mentees, they keep teaching me new things, and I try to do my best to pass on to them my experience.

What are the specific qualities and skills that you have that you think will help you be an effective Council member?

I have beard (important!), a vast knowledge about the Reps program over the years I have been part of it, and also good team management skills with a slight touch of charisma, did I already mentioned that I have beard?

As a Mentor, what do you do to try to encourage your inactive Mentees to be active again?

Mentees can be inactive for several reasons, some of them may had become inactive due lacking time for perfectly understandable reasons like health issues, their jobs, their education, etc... since this is a program for volunteers we can't force them to be as active as many of us are, of course this would be great for the program but not for the volunteers since they might feel like being pressured, they would burn out quickly, I have to admit that until recently I didn't figure this out clearly, there are great volunteers that may do amazing things on their free time, but they might not be amazing Reps since they may lack the time to commit for the regular activities that we are supposed to do, when we sign up for Reps we know that we are going to take a step forward as a volunteer into a greater commitment & liability factor required to be a Mozilla Rep. While I think that sometimes taking a break from Reps for a couple of months can help the Rep itself to recover energy an d return with more energy, we don't have to forget what our main goal as a Rep is: to bring more people to participate and collaborate with Mozilla, in order to recruit people we do many activities, most of them: events! There is nothing better than interacting with the people directly and get them know from mouth-to-mouth what Mozilla is, what we do and how they can help, but for those Reps that may not have enough time to do an event, they can still do any activity that they can imagine as long as it helps to grow Mozilla, even tweeting and doing blog posts can help, if done in a way that it would make people join and collaborate with Mozilla it's a Rep activity. I usually mail my mentees asking how are they doing and what are their plans for the upcoming months to see if I can help them to make it possible, for those Reps that are inactive we should try to see why are they inactive and if they can do some kind of activity that might not take too much of their time but hel p us grow Mozilla; For those that are for real inactive without a reason or contact, or they just lost interest, then its time for the Council to decide if it's OK for them to stay since there exists something I call "catalyst" factor, that kind of people that can trigger something amazing by doing very little, or if they have to step down in order for his mentor to pick up a new mentee and direct the resources to a new applicant that he may put onto use, since we have to take into consideration that our most valuable resource (Us) is limited, and the Reps program can't grow by having more mentors with inactive mentees, but mentors with ACTIVE mentees. We have to think in a way that in the next years, a new generation will have to take upon us, who for several life reasons we would have to step down, we have to do our best as Mentors to pass our experience to our Mentees.


Long time Mozilla supporter since Firefox 1.0, member of the Mozilla Venezuela spreading Firefox Awesomess, started as a Mozilla Student Rep at my university UNEXPO where I'm currently studying Electronic Engineering, Front-End Web Developer, Marketing Maniac and Mozilla Rep & Mentor, promoting the Open Web, FOSS and Tech Culture in Venezuela.

What Do I Do?

I'm currently participating on my local community Mozilla Venezuela growing up and empowering the mozillians in venezuela to get them involved more easily, also attending to several events were I give talks and presentations to let other people know about Mozilla, our mission and products. I'm active too on the Mozilla Hispano community, helping in the podcast, mentoring new contributors and other areas. Recently I have been more focused on Firefox OS Marketing and leading the Mobilizer efforts in Venezuela. I love what I do, and I'm thankful to Mozilla for helping me to do it!

Let's Talk:

You can always reach me by email or social networks.

Upcoming Events
Event Date Role
FLISoL 2014 Barquisimeto 26 Apr 2014 Mozilla's presence organizer
Past Events
Event Date Role
Mozilla Hispano Work Week 2014 17 Apr 2014 Rep attendee
Firefox 9th Birthday Party 09 Nov 2013 Organizer
Mozilla Summit 2013 04 Oct 2013 Rep attendee
Software Freedom Day - Valencia 21 Sep 2013 Mozilla's presence organizer
Mozilla Reps Camp 2013 30 Aug 2013 Rep attendee
MozCoffee Barquisimeto 10 Aug 2013 Mozilla's presence organizer
Summit Planning Assembly 14 Jun 2013 Organizer
JOINCIC VI 01 Jun 2013 Mozilla's presence organizer
Firefox OS Launch Camp - Colombia 25 May 2013 Rep attendee
FLISoL 2013 Valencia 27 Apr 2013 Mozilla's presence organizer
Arturo is a Reps Mentor
Featured Rep for April 2013 .

Location   Barquisimeto - Lara - Venezuela

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