Viral Parmar

વિરલ પરમાર


Viral Parmar is a serial entrepreneur who runs ComExpo Cyber Security Foundation a non-profit organization in India. He is a Developer Advocate, Productivity Hacker, Open Source Strategist, Technology Evangelist, Community Liaison, International TechSpeaker. He is a Cyber Security researcher by profession and open source enthusiast working in the field of information security from last four years with the expertise in Cyber Crime Investigation, Public Key Infrastructure, Social Engineering, Web App Penetration Testing, Digital Forensics, Data protection and Privacy Policy. He found severe vulnerability in 150+ well known websites like Intel, Yourstory and solved more than 200 cases of cybercrime & online frauds. He became well-known because of his research on Cyber Disorder and Who is spying on you.

He started a World's biggest Privacy awareness campaign named "Logout" to aware people about privacy and security and till now has given more than 300+ talks and workshops. Also invited in international conferences like MozFest 2017 London, DevConf 2018 India, 614Con 2018 USA, CryptoRave 2018 Brazil, OSCAL 2018 Albania, AllThingsOpen 2018 USA, LISA 2018 USA, PyBITS 2018 India, DevTalks 2018 Romania, PyTennessee 2019, PyTexas 2019, BSidesOK 2019, DevConf 2019 Czechia , DevTalks 2019 Romania, Devconf 2019 India, PyThailand 2019, PyIndiana 2019, Pycon 2019 Nigeria , Geekcamp 2019 Singapore, Liberty JS 2019 Philadelphia, Amazon Community Summit London 2019, B-Sides Columbia 2019 and in 50+ Organizations including GTU (Gujarat Technological University) and Raksha Shakti University (RSU), Nirma University, Maharaja Sayajirao Gaikvad University (MSU), Ganpat University, Nirma University, C U Shah University, PDPU (Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University), Kadi university, DA-IICT Gandhinagar and CRPF (Central Reserve Police Force) and aware more than 1 Million people about rights to privacy, cyber security, net neutrality, surveillance, issues with bio-metric scan (aadhar card) and cyber disorder.

He is working with Mozilla Foundation from last 4 years as a Mozilla Reps, also were Mentor in Mozilla Open Leadership Project and Coach (Privacy & Security) in MozSprint 2018. where my focus is advocate privacy and security, help Mozilla campus clubs and Mozilla Local Communities in India to grow more and co-coordinating with them to explore more possibility within their college campus, local community to global platform getting them involved with new opportunities, projects in Mozilla with lots of activities. Encouraging them to start their own open source projects and mentoring them from ideation stage to community ready. Coached lots of international open source projects helped them to make their project better and more open to get more contributor and engagement. he has also worked with L10N project on Pontoon, Rust, WebVR.

Past Events
Event Date Role
The Hackers Meetup Rajkot 29 Feb 2020 Organizer
The Hackers Meetup Nashik 28 Feb 2020 Mozilla's presence organizer
The Hackers Meetup Vadodara 23 Feb 2020 Organizer
The Hackers Meetup Surat 22 Feb 2020 Organizer
The Hackers Meetup Ahmedabad 16 Feb 2020 Organizer
MozIOT Workshop 10 Feb 2020 Organizer
The Hacker's Meet-Up 26 Jan 2020 Mozilla's presence organizer
WebVR @ LibertyJS 2019 24 Oct 2019 Mozilla's presence organizer
Building a startup with Rust 21 Oct 2019 Mozilla's presence organizer
Local Hack Day Baroda 20 Oct 2019 Rep attendee