Yofie Setiawan



Former Rep

This Rep has been part of the program from 09 May 2011 to 06 May 2020

I am a web designer that lives in Jakarta, Indonesia. I join the Mozilla Reps since 2011. Most of my contributions relate to the community engagement in Indonesia. In 2016, with support from Mozilla, we launch Mozilla Community Space in Jakarta. We run the Community Space with collective effort from other volunteers that act as Community Space Keyholders. With Community Space program, we help to facilitate other communities that have same vision and mission with Mozilla, to run events, such training, talk, sharing, workshop, presentation, etc. Why i contribute in Mozilla? My career path as web designer, use internet as the main part of it. I get all the benefits from innovations that Mozilla made for the web. By contributing to Mozilla community, i am trying to giving back what i already take and benefit from the internet. I believe that a good community is the one that can sustain for long term. That's why i always encourage for new, young, and fresh people to coming onboard, join, and help us to support and grow the community.

Featured Rep for July 2015 .

Location   Jakarta - Jakarta - Indonesia

Gender  Male

Twitter handle   @yofiesetiawan

Facebook profile  https://facebook.com/yofiesetiawan

Matrix nickname  yofiesetiawan

Personal Site  https://yopdesign.com/